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Falls and Patches14 viewsMy Dad's (James A. Hypher's) photo from at anchor off Cannes on Saturday 23rd July 2005.Thomas Hypher
Aft Superstructure Repairs Visible from the Tender Pontoon14 viewsMy Dad's (James A. Hypher's) photo from at anchor off Cannes on Saturday 23rd July 2005.Thomas Hypher
Sleek and Space Age Superstructure40 viewsMy photo from Vigo, Spain on Saturday 23rd October 2004, on our second trip on QE2.Thomas Hypher
Waving from QE225 viewsMy Dad's (James A. Hypher's) photo from the dockside in Malaga of my Mum and I waving at him from 90 something feet up! October 2004 Iberian cruise.Thomas Hypher
A little bit of red framed by white and blue49 viewsMy photo from Friday 25th July 2008 in Civitavecchia. Inspired by a similar photo I saw in one of Marc-Antoine Bombail's (QE2forever's) excellent QE2 books.Thomas Hypher
Size and power34 viewsBar Harbor, 19 September 2008Isabelle Prondzynski
Lifeboats out on tendering duty59 viewsSeptember 2008.Isabelle Prondzynski
Many coats of paint, many years active service, photo by my Dad73 viewsTaken on our first QE2 trip, a Westbound Transatlantic in August 2003. The weather was calm and sunny and the North Atlantic glistened a lot like the Mediterranean.Thomas Hypher
Growing marks, photo by my Dad59 viewsTaken on our family's July/August 2007 Mediterranean cruise. The file title alludes to the fact the original funnel was significantly altered to make her post 1987 refit funnel, becoming bigger.Thomas Hypher
Aluminium patches and blanked out windows, taken by my Dad65 viewsSaturday 23rd October 2004 at 08:51 in Vigo, Spain.Thomas Hypher
80 viewsShe wares it oh so wellpete cain
Winner How many patches make a quilt71 viewshow many patches makes a Quiltpete cain
Porthole patch56 views... or rather, patch upon patch. A whole history here.Isabelle Prondzynski
Alumnium superstructure157 viewsJohn Brown photo of detail of the aluminium upperworks on the Cunarder which caused problems with bonding to the steel hull and which on deterioration in later years brought about her demise.Fairfield
QE2 Funnel in New York72 viewsPia
A double patch78 viewsTwynkle
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