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Dramatic change of wind direction26 viewsMy Dad's (James A. Hypher's) photo taken from Calshot Spit on Saturday 25th June 2005 as we watched QE2 depart Southampton with my Grandad onboard, on her Trafalgar 200 cruise.

QE2's funnel smoke went from trailing aft and slightly off to starboard, to swinging around to trailing ahead out of the funnel and to starboard, before then trailing almost vertically from the funnel in the middle of the famous "reverse S" manoeuvre past Cowes.
Thomas Hypher
At anchor off Cannes on Saturday 23rd July 2005 (2)34 viewsMy photo from going ashore to explore Cannes with my parents.Thomas Hypher
At anchor off Cannes on Saturday 23rd July 2005 (1)23 viewsMy Dad's (James A. Hypher's) photo from the roof of one of the catamaran tenders as we approached QE2 after we had explored Cannes a bit.Thomas Hypher
One Deck aft, looking forward and up at those wonderful aft decks93 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from late in the evening of 25th October 2004, on our second voyage, an Iberian cruise.Thomas Hypher
Starboard73 viewsStowaway2k
The Power of a Name61 viewsStowaway2k
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