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Bay of Biscay Enroute Back to Southampton, July 200817 viewsMy Dad's (James A. Hypher's) photo from the port bridge wing on our last QE2 voyage.

This was my second bridge visit almost 3 years to the day of the first with the nursery, at a more sedate approximately 21 knots (slow by QE2 standards).

My Dad had written to Captain David Perkins asking if a bridge visit was possible given it was our last chance on a seagoing QE2. I still have the response letter from his secretary.
Thomas Hypher
George C Griffiths QE2 July 200512 viewsOpen Bridge Wings BergenLynda Bradford
George C Griffiths QE2 July 200513 viewsOpen Bridge Wings BergenLynda Bradford
George C Griffiths QE2 April 200118 viewsBridge Visit (1)Lynda Bradford
Her Denny Brown Stabilisers in action45 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from our July 2008 Bridge visit.1 commentsThomas Hypher
Whistle Control Panel48 viewsMy photo from our July 2008 bridge visit.Thomas Hypher
Port Bridge Wing manoeuvring station or "Barbecue" 32 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from our July 2008 Bridge visit where, as I've since learnt, we were shown around the bridge by Blair Skilton the officer in this photo and forum member skilly56's (Tony Skilton's) Son. It's a very small world!Thomas Hypher
QE2 April 2008 - umbrella on bridge wing66 viewsDuring QE2's last visit to Fort Lauderdale in April 2008 someone apparently enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the bridge wing before departure1 commentsOceanliner
QE2 at John Browns, Clydebank, approximately June 1968 - sports deck and bridge wing80 viewsRob Lightbody
Up on the Bridge41 viewsRob Lightbody
Looking aft from beneath the Bridge, off shores of Iceland 2008.113 viewsTwynkle
Winner From beneath the Bridge 200832 viewsTwynkle
QE2 Auckland, Feb 2007101 viewsExplaining Bridge wing propulsion controls. Note, the ELRAD acoustic security device in background is manned to keep unwanted Kiwis at bay!skilly56
Sunset under the Bridge44 viewsIsabelle Prondzynski
World Cruise 2001 In port, a quiet bridge wing91 viewsharev
World Cruise 2001 . Departing Sydney Captain and pilot.64 viewsharev
Built like a Battleship48 viewsMy photo from our bridge visit of Tuesday 29th July 2008, whilst sailing through the Bay of Biscay enroute back to Southampton on what was our final voyage onboard. I was standing on the raised platform belonging to the port bridge wing's manoeuvring station (otherwise nicknamed a barbecue I think?), the port side compass repeater being in the foreground along with the bridge wing's leading edge weather deflector setup. My Dad happened to take a photo that shows me taking this photo hence knowing the above!Thomas Hypher
July 2008 Bridge visit in the Bay of Biscay 159 viewsOne of my Dad's (James Hypher's) photos from our bridge visit on our final voyage. My Dad and I rediscovered this photo and the others in the series the other day having forgotten they were taken for a decade!Thomas Hypher
On the Bridge Wing95 viewsThe Commodore and KimCruiseqe2
July 2005, a speed you don't see anymore!77 views1st Bridge visit.1 commentsThomas Hypher
July 2008, most of the Bridge, looking to Starboard66 views2nd Bridge visit to date.Thomas Hypher
July 2008, view from the Port bridge wing over her sleek bow43 views2nd Bridge visit to date.Thomas Hypher
Out on a wing and a prayer63 viewscunardqueen
Port58 viewsStowaway2k
Underneath the Bridge Wing51 viewsTwynkle
On the Tyne71 viewsAugust 2008 Round Britain farewell to the Queen
Flying Bridge171 views1 commentsfrazscot
Final Winter Crossing149 viewsJanuary 12, 2008highlander0108
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