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QE2 - Our Friend And Second Home13 viewsA photo taken by my Uncle or Auntie (Andrew or Pauline Hypher) on my Dad's camera during our visit to Rotterdam in August 2006.1 commentsThomas Hypher09/23/22 at 13:11Lynda Bradford: Very Happy
QE2 Belfast, Farewell Tour, 5th October 2008140 views1 commentsAdrian04/10/22 at 08:29Lynda Bradford: Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Brian Price: Parmetrada High Pressure Turbines51 viewsConstruction at John Brown's Engineering, Clydebank2 commentsLynda Bradford11/01/20 at 15:26Lynda Bradford: Brian Price has added more information on the foru...
QE2 Titan Keeps Guard89 viewsThe Titan crane in the foreground still exists as a tourist attraction. A lift takes you up to the top.1 commentsdrum6709/27/20 at 09:51Lynda Bradford: Brilliant photo of QE2 at John Brown's. Also...
At GREENock51 views1 commentsCunarder Man08/19/19 at 13:29Lynda Bradford: Very Happy
New engines and a new life53 views1 commentscunardqueen03/04/17 at 18:06Lynda Bradford: Good thinking the picture certainly shows what spe...
The Midnight Hour - Norway 200871 views1 commentsTwynkle12/31/16 at 14:38Lynda Bradford: Lovely photo with happy memories
New Day Dawns on the Forth78 views1 commentsStowaway2k11/03/16 at 13:27Lynda Bradford: Lovely image
Wedding reception on QE2 11/12/8848 viewsReception in Mauretania Suite and Bride and groom with Cpt Alan Bennell1 comments11/04/15 at 10:46Lynda Bradford: A very special occasion with reception on a very s...
The leaving of Rotterdam45 views1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski09/30/15 at 09:25Lynda Bradford: Good photo that captures a tranquil moment
Sipping champagne137 views1 commentsfrazscot01/27/15 at 09:48Lynda Bradford: Sipping Champagne - A luxury activity Laughing
117 views..Shopping....1 commentscunardqueen01/27/15 at 09:47Lynda Bradford: One of my favourite activities Laughing
QE2, Seagull and lifeboat, 15th August 2005, South Queensferry, Scotland127 views1 commentsRob Lightbody10/31/14 at 09:34Lynda Bradford: A bit of photo bombing going on here Laughing
August 2008, QE2 Lifeboat (2)94 views1 commentsManoel10/26/14 at 22:37Lynda Bradford: excellent photo Laughing
Lifeboat 9101 views3 commentsfrazscot10/23/14 at 19:31Lynda Bradford: I like this photo
Tender & pool in the 80's157 views3 commentsfrazscot10/21/14 at 09:25Lynda Bradford: This photo really capture the scene beside the poo...
Be Tender 2 me117 views1 commentsCunarder Man10/21/14 at 09:23Lynda Bradford: Good photo and caption Laughing
O tell na me o' wind and rain, QE2 has come again.123 viewsGreenock 2007 (with apologies to Robbie Burns)1 commentsStowaway2k09/29/14 at 09:27Lynda Bradford: Laughing True words
Winner Departing Greenock, 5 October 2008110 viewsFinal Departure from the River Clyde2 commentsEd100007/28/14 at 09:51Lynda Bradford: Brilliant photo Very Happy
86 viewsNot sure it's actually my favourite because it brings a tear to the eye. QE2 leaving Southampton for the last time, on November 11, 20081 comments06/17/14 at 12:19Lynda Bradford: Good photo.
golden QE2120 views10. Oct. 2008, near Calshot, Tandem with QM2, final transatlantic crossing westbound1 commentsHamburger01/09/14 at 10:10Lynda Bradford: Beautiful photo of a beautiful ship Very Happy
When Icons Meet62 viewsQE2 facing the Forth Bridge, Firth of Forth, Scotland1 commentsStowaway2k11/02/13 at 13:50Lynda Bradford: Lovely photo of the Forth Rail Bridge Very Happy
Seat by seat282 viewsSo many people have sat here -- as the creases show!1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski03/22/13 at 19:47Lynda Bradford: Impressive photo! I like this very much Very Happy
Premium quality carpet, what a feeling ! 217 views2 commentslahrdeco03/17/13 at 00:07Lynda Bradford: Laughing Brings back good memories of this staircase...
Cagliari 2008109 views1 commentsandyh02/06/13 at 11:07Lynda Bradford: Beautiful photo Very Happy
Glamour!97 viewsDoesn't she look absolutely splendid?1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski01/27/12 at 20:27Lynda: An unusual shot that captures the bridge wings fro...
Docking in Greenock129 viewsFinal time on the Clyde and Greenock, October 5, 2008.2 commentshighlander010801/27/12 at 20:23Lynda: Brilliant photo Very Happy
Tyne Turbine 1 : QE2 fitting out basin 1968308 viewsQE2 fitting out at John Browns, Clydebank, 30th. August, 1968.1 commentsTyne Turbine01/23/12 at 10:41Lynda: Fabulous photo
Lynda 3: Passengers enjoy the sail into Manhattan QE2 1997106 views2 commentsLynda Bradford12/01/11 at 16:26Lynda: Unfortunately I am 14 years older. That photos wa...
Louis 1 - Yacht Club233 viewsGetting ready for another working evening in the Yacht Club1 comments08/26/11 at 09:06Lynda: Good photo Louis
Dubai 26 Nov 2008128 views2 commentsCunarder Man08/21/11 at 18:56Lynda: Thank-you Cunarder Man for taking this photo. Ver...
312 views2 commentscolint05/25/11 at 12:57Lynda: Fantastic to see the other side of QE2 when she wa...
Outside Cover of Menu202 viewsNote the pre launch artists rendition of #7361 commentsChris03/16/11 at 21:39Lynda: Nice collection
Queens Grill - original 1st Class Cabin on 1 deck290 views1 commentsRob Lightbody03/11/11 at 10:49Lynda: Certainly first class accommodation Lynda
Childen's display to QE2 Greenock 200885 views1 commentsCunarder Man09/26/10 at 11:21Lynda: Fantatic that the local school children had been e...
QE2 Engineering Dept679 viewsThe crew of the Engineering Dept just prior to the last ever steam crossing of the North Atlantic.4 commentsBeardy Rich08/28/10 at 14:09Lynda: What a fantastic photo keepsake for QE2's Eng...
Arrived Home last time93 views1 commentsCunarder Man08/28/10 at 14:05Lynda: Good photo of her in her home port
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