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Board, unpack, relax!15 viewsOur luggage in Cabin 4016, June 1977 1 commentsBob C.09/28/23 at 09:19Isabelle Prondzynski: That is a lovely photo! Full relaxation already ha...
Isabelle and QE2, as QE2 arrived for the last time ever on the Clyde15 viewsIsabelle and QE2, as QE2 arrived for the last time ever on the Clyde1 commentsRob Lightbody03/26/23 at 18:55Isabelle Prondzynski: Laughing
Dionysos18 views...the god of wine, joy, grapes, fertility, madness and ecstasy1 commentsHamburger05/14/22 at 17:19Isabelle Prondzynski: Excellent title and description! What a display!
Winner Jasper the bear looking out the porthole - Lisbon (2004)39 views3 commentsBen Zabulis03/28/20 at 22:15Isabelle Prondzynski: Wonderful! Welcome to Jasper the Bear Smile .
Breakfast with splashing water38 views1 commentsHamburger11/10/19 at 18:24Isabelle Prondzynski: Wow! That's definitely an unusual view at bre...
Janine Janet "Water" statue in the Princess Grill42 views1 commentsRob Lightbody04/07/19 at 19:55Isabelle Prondzynski: Fabulous level of detail, Rob! I never stopped to ...
QE2 leaves Hamburg42 viewsQE2 at the "Landungsbrücken" side by side with the beautiful Cap San Diego and the "Kaispeicher" in the background - today, the basement of the "Elbphilharmonie".1 commentsHamburger01/28/19 at 18:50Isabelle Prondzynski: Fantastic picture! What year would this have been?
Winner 1991 westbound69 views2 commentsHamburger06/11/18 at 11:11Isabelle Prondzynski: Totally agree with Rob Smile !
QE2 Arriving in the Clyde for the final time, October 6th 200877 viewsTaken from on board MV Balmoral, this was our first glimpse of QE2 as she came towards us. There then followed one of the most wonderful times of my life, alongside QE2 and HMS Manchester as we headed into Greenock as part of the Flotilla.

Never, ever to be forgotten.
1 commentsRob Lightbody03/05/18 at 22:07Isabelle Prondzynski: That was a heart-stopping super-exciting moment, t...
QE2 docks in Greenock for the last ever time, 6th of October 2008161 viewsThis picture evokes such memories for me, as seeing that red funnel under those cranes was always so exciting to me as I travelled downriver to see her (starting in 1990).

On this occasion, I was with special family and friends, and had a really lovely day.
1 commentsRob Lightbody03/05/18 at 22:06Isabelle Prondzynski: Great memories of a sad / happy day ...
QE2 50 Cocktail74 views2 commentsCunarder Man10/29/17 at 03:06Isabelle Prondzynski: It was excellent, best served cold without icecube...
Both sides of the story77 views1 commentsPete Hamill10/29/17 at 03:03Isabelle Prondzynski: Excellent!
Hang on!42 views1 commentsCunarder Man09/27/17 at 21:38Isabelle Prondzynski: That title made me smile! But of course it might j...
A Sunny Day in Lisbon!50 viewsAtlantic Isles cruise, 12th October, 20011 commentsCruiseqe204/17/17 at 08:37Isabelle Prondzynski: Beautiful!
Winner Queen's Room 2001116 viewsA beautiful venue that so many have enjoyed over many years.1 commentsharev01/05/17 at 22:00Isabelle Prondzynski: I love the way everything looks so tidy and well a...
A Photo Bombing Legend77 viewsStavanger 20011 commentsLynda Bradford10/30/16 at 09:37Isabelle Prondzynski: Love your title, Lynda! And the picture Smile .
Bow at 25 knots121 viewsBow shot in 1992 in the middle of the Atlantic
Hanged in front of the ship to get a film shot of the bow at full speed. Unique point of view.
3 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/06/16 at 20:41Isabelle Prondzynski: Fabulous! And totally unique... Smile ...
Lido, the Calm Between the Meals206 views1 commentsStowaway2k01/06/16 at 21:38Isabelle Prondzynski: Beautiful... one of my favourite places to linger,...
Britannia Grill Cabin 2154, December 2007208 viewsOne of the cabins created in 1999. Seen here in December 2007.1 commentsRob Lightbody05/21/15 at 22:47Isabelle Prondzynski: That cabin... my very first on board... loved it!
Relaxing with a good book on deck137 views1 commentsRob Lightbody01/20/15 at 22:35Isabelle Prondzynski: Great picture, Rob! Catching the atmosphere so wel...
You Are Here76 views1 commentsStowaway2k08/16/14 at 11:20Isabelle Prondzynski: Nice one! And such an apt title Smile .
a cozy state-cupboard down on deck 561 views1 commentsElphaba02/27/14 at 19:30Isabelle Prondzynski: Great to see this! Brings back happy memories. Can...
QE2 Princess Grill One Deck Cabin 508 viewsPrincess Grill 2004 showing the beautiful decor1 commentsLynda Bradford03/07/13 at 17:33Isabelle Prondzynski: Happy moment, Lynda! Taken just after your embarka...
Second to the last call at Hamburg, May 30th, 2005134 views2 commentsHamburger11/27/12 at 22:53Isabelle Prondzynski: I don't think this was her final call to Hamb...
Liverpool calling115 viewsHome again.3 commentsshipnshore09/15/12 at 15:15Isabelle Prondzynski: Beautifully caught juxtaposition.
Farewell party without the QE279 viewsDue to heavy storm, the final call at Hamburg was canceled. Instead, QE2 was going to Oslo.1 commentsHamburger06/29/12 at 15:24Isabelle Prondzynski: That's a very poignant picture... so sad.
Celebrating the last fare well in Stavanger152 views1 commentsRobertQM205/07/12 at 16:06Isabelle Prondzynski: What a fabulous occasion! That must have been one ...
A Double-Barreled Salute94 viewsDeparting Amsterdam1 commentsStowaway2k05/01/12 at 22:41Isabelle Prondzynski: Yes, that was a wonderful sailaway... beautiful pi...
From ice box to oven - Malta September 2007156 views1 commentsLinda H04/30/12 at 12:44Isabelle Prondzynski: Excellent, Linda! Lovely picture of a place I neve...
Newcastle with spectacular welcoming of the Flagship, Newcastle Sept. 2007129 views2 commentsHamburger03/08/12 at 19:57Isabelle Prondzynski: Splendid photograph! Where was this taken?
QE2 IN SYDNEY 200789 views1 commentscolint02/28/12 at 21:13Isabelle Prondzynski: Not many people get the chance to see her from abo...
Docking in Greenock130 viewsFinal time on the Clyde and Greenock, October 5, 2008.2 commentshighlander010801/28/12 at 20:12Isabelle Prondzynski: Quite superb!
Starboard Green97 views1 commentsStowaway2k01/28/12 at 20:11Isabelle Prondzynski: Excellent! I never caught the colours of the navig...
Port, Red84 views1 commentsStowaway2k01/28/12 at 20:10Isabelle Prondzynski: Excellent! I never caught the colours of the navig...
Late Night Lido180 views2 commentsCunarder Man12/23/11 at 23:48Isabelle Prondzynski: Lovely picture! Memories...
Louis 2 - Falkland Island82 viewsThe ships maiden call with passengers to the Falklands1 comments11/17/11 at 19:43Isabelle Prondzynski: I love the penguins in the foreground!
The QE2 at John Browns527 viewsI'm not sure where this picture came from, it was in my grandfather's papers.

On the back it says that it shows Engineer's Mate George Lawler, one of "four burley cranemen" who have taken on overtime at John Browns at night scaring birds away from the QE2 in the fitting out basin below, earning themselves an extra 30 shillings a night!!!
1 comments09/26/11 at 19:06Isabelle Prondzynski: Wonderful picture -- lovely composition, and what ...
Princess Grill 1982194 views1 comments08/18/11 at 20:47Isabelle Prondzynski: .. while the glass centrepieces were still there!
Princess Grill211 views1 commentsRob Lightbody08/18/11 at 20:45Isabelle Prondzynski: Brochure quality picture!
106 views1 commentsStowaway2k08/16/11 at 16:36Isabelle Prondzynski: Were these edible? And if so, were they eventually...
Frazscot - 1 Happiness is QE2 !147 viewsFraser Ballantyne te. 01764 6853502 commentsfrazscot07/30/11 at 11:15Isabelle Prondzynski: This picture says it all -- just wonderful!
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