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QE2 in the roadstead off Easter Island6 viewsPort of call during farewell world cruise in 20081 commentsKatharina Ernst03/02/24 at 11:35Rob Lightbody: Thats one of the most amazing photos of QE2 I thin...
Lahrdeco: Case packed, labelled and ready to go22 views1 commentsLynda Bradford09/28/23 at 18:08Rob Lightbody: Thats a very cool case ! Laughing
7437E63D-4338-437B-9D82-AB5D304DE1B311 viewsThis is a painting of the QE2 that my wife had commissioned for my 70th birthday. It sits proudly on our sitting room wall1 commentsMike Fitzpatrick03/31/23 at 16:02Rob Lightbody: Thats really good! Really special
QE2 in Bergen48 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from Monday 31st July 2006. We had gone up the Fjord side on the famous funicular.1 commentsThomas Hypher04/25/21 at 18:33Rob Lightbody: I took this exact photo from this spot in 2019 - e...
ed1000 1 : Final visit to the Clyde, 5 October 200877 views2 commentsEd100004/06/21 at 16:11Rob Lightbody: I was there, on the Balmoral, off to the portside....
Her Denny Brown Stabilisers in action45 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from our July 2008 Bridge visit.1 commentsThomas Hypher11/09/20 at 19:38Rob Lightbody: I'd love someone to explain how that works! ...
Sun deck afternoon tea 110 viewsSun deck afternoon tea 1 commentsSeagreen10/31/20 at 12:44Rob Lightbody: One of my favourite afternoon teas on QE2 was take...
QE2 1998 Millvina Dean160 viewsTo my very big surprise I had the pleasure to meet Millvina Dean - Titanic Survivor - during my first transatlantic crossing on QE2 in September 1998. 1 commentsOceanliner06/29/20 at 17:04Rob Lightbody: Wow!! Well done!
Rear view of the Mast explored and found61 views... after some fun-filled adventures.1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski06/29/20 at 17:03Rob Lightbody: Really striking viewpoint, and its so great to see...
Joint Winner stunning view123 viewsMay 19911 commentsHamburger05/15/20 at 14:04Rob Lightbody: WOW - what an incredible photo.
Majesty143 viewsFrom the decks of Shieldhall1 commentsStowaway2k05/14/20 at 14:01Rob Lightbody: This is the last photo uploaded by the forum'...
QE2's final departure from New York (1)65 views16th October 2008. A screen capture from my Dad's (James A Hypher's) video footage of this bittersweet event filmed from QM2's Boat Deck.2 commentsThomas Hypher05/13/20 at 15:04Rob Lightbody: Thats seriously impressive for a video screen grab...
Last call Suez Canal 200841 views1 commentsCunarder Man05/06/20 at 19:15Rob Lightbody: I find these photos incredible. Knowing that she&...
Scott Richardson : QE2 in fog at Nova Scotia99 viewsThis picture is not very clear but it looks like the QE2 is sinking with the fog around it.1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski01/19/20 at 15:19Rob Lightbody: Great photo of QE2 in the fog! She does indeed lo...
Barrie Evans 2 : QE2 in the Bay of Biscay, 10 November 2008146 viewsReturn from her very last cruise, one day before her departure for Dubai.1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski01/19/20 at 15:17Rob Lightbody: Great photo, capturing possibly the last "nor...
Arrival at sunrise (3) - New York April 20, 2001119 viewsThe World Trade Center towers at sunrise. A last look for QE2 world cruisers.1 commentsharev12/30/19 at 22:14Rob Lightbody: What an amazing photo
out of Southampton101 views1 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/25/19 at 18:19Rob Lightbody: WOW WOW WOW - Truly STUNNING !!!
Rod : QE2 funnel off 1176 views1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski09/14/19 at 17:37Rob Lightbody: Amazing photo
Bow at 25 knots121 viewsBow shot in 1992 in the middle of the Atlantic
Hanged in front of the ship to get a film shot of the bow at full speed. Unique point of view.
3 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/14/19 at 12:23Rob Lightbody: Wow!!
from the tug boat in Southampton149 views1 commentsLouis Phillippe Capelle09/14/19 at 12:23Rob Lightbody: Absolutely stunning photograph
July 2005, a speed you don't see anymore!77 views1st Bridge visit.1 commentsThomas Hypher09/14/19 at 11:30Rob Lightbody: Over 28 knots, all day long, fantastic QE2.
Where else?54 viewsPassing the Cloch lighthouse for the last time, October 20081 commentsPete Hamill09/14/19 at 11:30Rob Lightbody: I love this photo, in my mind I can combine it wit...
Purple/Lilac Carpet and blue striped curtains at the Entrance to the Britannia Grill321 viewsTaken on Monday 7th July 2008. I really loved the colour scheme in "our" restaurant with the purple and lilac combination.
1 commentsGrill Britannia09/29/18 at 16:48Rob Lightbody: It was a very special restaurant, with a very spec...
Just another beautiful evening on the QE240 viewsCould be anywhere - but actually heading north to LA 20/01/20071 commentsBarumfox07/09/18 at 18:52Rob Lightbody: Oh to step back to that moment, and just spend an ...
Winner 1991 westbound69 views2 commentsHamburger06/09/18 at 14:04Rob Lightbody: What a fantastically captured photo!! Well done, ...
Vincent Thomas Bridge, Long Beach 200579 views2 commentsCunarder Man04/20/17 at 21:52Rob Lightbody: How close was QE2 to Queen Mary here?
The Chartroom Bar. 2001178 viewsA favorite watering hole for QE2 regulars.1 commentsharev12/16/14 at 18:30Rob Lightbody: The Chart Room, in my view, was one of the bits th...
night78 views1 week non-stop QE2 around me!
And everytime with best view - from QM2.
Final transatlantic crossing westbound, Oct. 2008
1 commentsHamburger10/23/14 at 20:50Rob Lightbody: Thats a truly gobsmacking photo, would love to see...
Joint Winner Shuttle124 views09.2007 South Queensferry1 commentsHamburger10/23/14 at 20:46Rob Lightbody: Oh WOW!!
Lifeboat 9101 views3 commentsfrazscot10/21/14 at 18:23Rob Lightbody: What a great, evocative photo. No Cunarder is now...
Tendering in Svalbard 2006174 views1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski10/20/14 at 18:47Rob Lightbody: Thats a great shot!!
Tender & pool in the 80's157 views3 commentsfrazscot10/20/14 at 18:47Rob Lightbody: It was such a complicated arrangement back there t...
74 views1 commentsStephanG231210/12/14 at 19:14Rob Lightbody: I loved this room. I think they did it perfectly ...
Balmoral escorting QE2 on her birthday106 viewsGreenock, September 20th, 20071 commentsHamburger09/28/14 at 17:36Rob Lightbody: I love that photo, because I was there, on Balmor...
Ready for afternoon tea122 views1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski04/11/14 at 15:59Rob Lightbody: Thats a really lovely photo isabelle!
Almost a Porthole pic..........63 viewsEnjoying the delights of 1049 on our last voyage.1 commentsfrazscot02/27/14 at 19:27Rob Lightbody: Lucky ou! A really wonderful suite to enjoy for y...
Liverpool calling115 viewsHome again.3 commentsshipnshore10/31/12 at 22:01Rob Lightbody: Stunning!
69 viewsBeacon of Hope1 commentsAndy F03/11/12 at 22:37Rob Lightbody: this is a fantastic photo, would look great as a p...
Ashtray57 views1 commentsCunarder Man01/31/12 at 21:21Rob Lightbody: I have one of these on my coffee table, and I love...
1994 Refit246 viewsThe last photo of the staircase, this was removed shortly after the photo was taken.1 comments12/22/11 at 20:33Rob Lightbody: Such a shame - i really liked that staircase!
Late Night Lido180 views2 commentsCunarder Man12/20/11 at 19:38Rob Lightbody: Superb photo!
Lynda 3: Passengers enjoy the sail into Manhattan QE2 1997106 views2 commentsLynda Bradford11/27/11 at 13:48Rob Lightbody: you haven't changed a bit!
Isabelle 1 : QE2 and US coastguard64 views17 September 2008 in Newport, Rhode Island (USA)1 commentsIsabelle Prondzynski09/28/11 at 21:13Rob Lightbody: This photo gives a great sense of scale.
BERTHING, LIVERPOOL - FINAL SEASON (amshipnshore)132 views1 commentsshipnshore09/21/11 at 19:36Rob Lightbody: Wow, fabulous photo!!
77 views1 commentsRob Lightbody08/15/11 at 23:28Rob Lightbody: Such a sad photo... watching this live on TV was ...
177 views1 commentscolint08/02/11 at 22:24Rob Lightbody: Amazing photo!
Frazscot - 1 Happiness is QE2 !147 viewsFraser Ballantyne te. 01764 6853502 commentsfrazscot07/31/11 at 17:42Rob Lightbody: Thats a superb photo, well done!!
297 views2 comments07/27/11 at 22:53Rob Lightbody: this exact spot is where I filmed my opening piece...
QE2 Model Riverside Museum Glasgow87 views1 commentsCunarder Man07/11/11 at 19:38Rob Lightbody: Those wee steps were never there on the real ship,...
QE2 Model Riverside Museum Glasgow83 views1 commentsCunarder Man07/11/11 at 19:37Rob Lightbody: Shame they spelt her name wrong! Neutral
Joint Winner Cunarder Man 1: QE2 How Sweet!131 views1 commentsCunarder Man07/06/11 at 18:35Rob Lightbody: Fantastic!
310 viewsFrom the bridge wing1 comments04/15/11 at 00:09Rob Lightbody: this is recently in Dubai? bayleaf was QE2 partner...
Cunard Tattoo217 viewsMy 50th Birthday present.2 commentsmarty 55202/09/11 at 22:10Rob Lightbody: Oh wow! QE looks fresh! How many more ships can...
Final Winter Crossing113 viewsManhattan arrival - January 13, 20081 commentshighlander010809/27/10 at 22:58Rob Lightbody: One of the most epic photos ever taken of QE2!
1969 Sweet Cigarettes95 views1 commentsCunarder Man08/31/10 at 21:40Rob Lightbody: Fantastic!! 2 sets of childhood memories mixed up...
199273 views1 commentsCunarder Man08/31/10 at 21:39Rob Lightbody: Am I too old to wear this now?
Dubai 26 Nov 2008128 views2 commentsCunarder Man08/27/10 at 15:50Rob Lightbody: Saddest image so far posted in the gallery Sad :-...
Mauretania Model149 viewsQE2 19972 commentsLynda Bradford08/26/10 at 11:51Rob Lightbody: This was a great addition to the ship, and I loved...
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