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QE2 Technical Trials -- 23 December 1968 to 2 January 196927 viewsDec 20 1968 to Jan 2nd 1969 Trial VoyageRob Lightbody
Racing through a Force 9 gusting Force 10 in the Bay of Biscay (2)9 viewsMy Dad's (James A Hypher's) photo from our October 2004 voyage. Another photo in the series from this Bay of Biscay passage. My Dad was one of only two passengers out on deck at the time, and he was getting soaked in spray from the waves breaking over the bow but at the aft end of Boat Deck about 800 feet aft of the bow! Unfortunately I was busy being badly seasick for about a day and a half in our cabin at the bow but will never forget the motions of QE2 racing through the storm and our cabin creaking!Thomas Hypher
43 viewsRob Lightbody

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Bob C: QE2 Forward Mast aerials 19696 viewsLabels: Roger Latham and WillumLynda BradfordNov 11, 2020
Large machine6 viewsOne of the two GEC propeller motors - 44MW each!HamburgerNov 10, 2020
"Hotel" - M.A.N-B&W four-stroke type 9L diesel unit3 viewsOne of the 5 units in the back engine room (Echo, Foxtrott, Golf, Hotel and India)HamburgerNov 10, 2020
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta...5 viewsThe forward engine room with four of the nine M.A.N diesel unitsHamburgerNov 10, 2020
Willum: Radio Room Bay 51 viewsTelex bay that was used to send and receive HF TelexLynda BradfordNov 10, 2020
Control Panel 2 viewsTour of the Bridge 2001Lynda BradfordNov 02, 2020