Chris Frame's QE2 Story

Updated on November 6th, 2009 by Rob Lightbody

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QE2 has been a significant part of my life since I first set eyes on her in 1995. She was magnificent in every way. Her external appearance echoed the grand Ocean Liners of a bygone era while still appearing fast, sleek and modern.

It was a thrill to stand there on the dockside and look into the large windows on Upper Deck and Quarter Deck - wondering what it was like to be inside this great liner. I was fortunate, in that I boarded QE2 that afternoon, for what was the first of many memorable voyages. I became fascinated with the ship's history, intrigued by the story of the Cunard Line and addicted to life aboard Queen Elizabeth 2.

I felt great sadness when I heard the news in June 2007 that QE2 had been sold, and would retire. The ship enjoyed a magnificent final season, where she was affectionately farewelled by hundreds of thousands of well wishers from all corners of the globe. I was aboard during the Farewell World Cruise, and felt very proud to see so many people come out to visit QE2 for one last time.

My story with the ship culminated when I co-authored QE2: A Photographic Journey, and was fortunate to give a series of lectures aboard during her farewell season. Most of the passengers that sailed aboard QE2 shared my passion for the ship - it was truly an honour to speak aboard QE2 about QE2 to people who loved QE2, and during this voyage, I made friendships with fellow passengers that I am sure will last a lifetime.

It was a terrible loss to the travelling public the day that QE2 arrived in Dubai. Her removal from service signalled the end of an era - it was the end of a ship the likes of which will never be seen again.  

It is fortunate that through the efforts of her legions of fans, websites such as The QE2 Story and its extremely popular forum ensure that the memory of QE2 is preserved; and that hope can be shared around the world that she will be preserved and maintained in a manner fit for a Queen.  


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